The objective of the scheme is to provide legal services to the victims of disaster-both manmade and natural- who are under circumstances of undeserved want being victims of mass disaster, ethnic violence, caste atrocities, flood, drought, earthquake or industrial disasters.

The intervention of Legal Services Authorities should be for coordinating the integrated, strategic and sustainable development measures taken by the government and Disaster management Authorities for reducing the period of crises and for building a platform for early recovery and development. The thrust of the efforts for by the State Legal Services Authorities shall be for strengthening the capacity of the victims for managing the disaster at all levels and to coordinate with the Government departments and non-governmental organizations and also for providing legal aid to the victims.

Strategic intervention by the State Legal Services Authorities.

The strategy for intervention by the Legal Services Authorities for helping the victims of disasters shall be on the following lines:

  • Ensuring immediate help by governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies to the victims.
  • Coordinating the activities of different departments of the Government and the NGOs for bringing immediate relief.
  • Supervising the distribution of relief materials
  • Supervising the construction of temporary shelter or transporting the victims to a safer place.
  • Supervising the reunion of families.
  • Supervising the health care and sanitation of the victims and preventing the spread of epidemics.
  • Supervising the needs of women and children.
  • Ensuring the availability of food, medicine and drinking water.
  • Supervising the reconstruction of damaged dwelling houses.
  • Supervising the restoration of cattle and chattel.
  • Legal Awareness Programmes in the relief camps on the legal rights of the victims.
  • Organizing Legal Aid Clinics in the affected areas for assisting in reconstruction of valuable documents.
  • Assisting the victims to get the benefits of the promises and assurances announced by the Government and Ministers.
  • Assisting in the rehabilitation, care and future education of orphaned children.
  • Taking steps for appropriate debt relief measures for the victims.
  • Assisting in the rehabilitation of the old and disabled who lost their supporting families.
  • Assisting in the problems relating to Insurance Policies.
  • Arranging Bank Loans for restarting the lost business and avocations.
  • Arranging for phyciatrist’s help/ counseling to the victims who are subjected to physiological shock and depression on account of the disaster.
Machinery for Legal Services.

The State Legal Services Authorities shall establish a Core group in all districts under the control of the District Legal Services Authorities to spring into action in the event of a disaster, whether manmade or natural.

The core group shall consist of a senior judicial officer, young lawyers including lady lawyers selected in consultation with the local bar association, Medical Doctors nominated by the local branch of the Indian Medical Association and the NGOs by accredited by the State Legal Services Authority. The Secretary of the District Legal Services Authority shall maintain a Register containing the Telephone numbers and the cell numbers of the members of the Core group.