Biju Setu Yojana (Rural Bridges)

Besides funding from NABARD for construction of bridges, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India is also providing funds for construction of bridges on PMGSY roads, permissible under the guidelines of the scheme. Bridges are also being constructed out of the allocated funds to R.D. Department under WODC, Biju KBK, IAP, BRGF etc. But the existing schemes are unable to cater the requirements of the State. Hence the Government of Odisha has embarked upon a new initiative in formulating and launching the ambitious BijuSetuYojana (BSY) to bridge all the missing links on roads of R.D. Department.Biju SetuYojana was launched on 9th Oct. 2011 for construction of new bridges on RD roads and important P.S. roads to provide all-weather connectivity to the rural areas of the State. In addition to above, the Programme will also cover construction of bridges on strategic important PanchayatSamitee roads belonging to P.R. Department. The BSY as such has been formulated to provide an effective all-weather road network across the length and breadth of the state, so as to effectively meet the transportation needs of every sector, cost effectively.

Till 31.3.2018, 583 bridges have been completed and 288 bridges are in ongoing stage.
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